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Free internet for eligible families

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The Australian Government has introduced the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) to provide free internet access to eligible families. The SSBI provides internet access to up to 30,000 families with school-aged children who are currently unconnected. The free internet access will be provided until 31 December 2025.  

Am I eligible?

Eligible families:  

  • have a child living at home enrolled in K-12 at a NSW school

  • have not had an active National Broadband Network (NBN) internet service in the previous 14 days. Having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility.

  • live in a premises that can access a standard NBN service

  • will undergo a suitability assessment conducted by the National Referral Centre (NRC).

How can the NRC help me?  

The National Referral Centre (NRC) can help Australian families meeting the SSBI eligibility criteria connect the NBN to their homes.

The NRC is the first point of contact for families who nominate themselves for the SSBI. The NRC team will assess your family’s eligibility, including a check of your residential address and current financial situation.

If eligible, your family will be issued a voucher, which can be redeemed at any participating SSBI retail service provider. The NRC can contact your chosen SSBI internet provider and provide follow-up support.

The NRC can also answer questions and provide information regarding participating retail service providers. Centre staff can also provide follow-up support for anyone experiencing challenges redeeming the voucher.

For non-English speakers or those with accessibility challenges, the NRC provides translation services through Language Loop and their own bilingual staff. Additionally, their website features ReciteMe technology.

Get in touch

To contact the NRC and check your eligibility: